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Previously at:

Founder & Managing Partner

Yannis Moore, MBA

Yannis Moore (formerly at Funden) has helped clients raise over $15MM in total early-stage funding, working directly with founders in finding strategic investors. Yannis Moore volunteers his time as a Startup Mentor for the French Consulate in Los Angeles, where he helps introduce French founders to US investors and strategic partners Yannis Moore graduated from the University of Paris, Sorbonne Business School earning his International MBA in 2022. Moore is a dual citizen from France (FR/USA) and is happy to connect to discuss all things fundraising!

Director of Operations and Marketing

Fabien Auger

Fabien Auger is an accomplished Marketing & Operations Director with over 18 years of experience in sectors like sports technology, luxury fashion, and retail. At Business France and as a Marketing Director at Bernardaud N.A., he drove North American expansions and revitalized a historic brand, significantly boosting market reach and sales. Holding a Master's in Marketing Management and a Digital Marketing Certificate, Fabien excels in strategic planning, project management, and fostering multinational partnerships, with fluency in English and French.

AI/ML Engineer

Gabriel Krishnadasan

Gabriel, currently in his fourth year pursuing a Computer Science degree at the University of San Diego, joins Montfort Ventures as our newest AI/ML Engineer. Gabriel’s specialization in machine learning exemplifies his dedication to mastering intricate algorithms and data analytics. With his extensive expertise, Gabriel emerges as an ideal candidate to bolster our internal ML systems, amplifying our capacity to facilitate seamless connections between our founders and vital venture capital resources.

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Marketing & Events Coordinator

Bryndís Líf Eiríksdóttir

Bryndis Lif Eiriksdottir, the Marketing and Events Coordinator, excels in creating engaging content, nurturing partnerships, and coordinating events. Her dedication ensures impactful marketing efforts and seamless collaboration with partners.

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Sr Scout

Xavier Nonez

Xavier joins us from Visa where he works as a Business Associate on the corporate incubator team. His role involves employing a blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis to assess the desirability, viability, and feasibility of in-house ventures. An alum of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Xavier's academic journey centered around business and information systems and held the position of co-president at the Minority Business Student Alliance.

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Carl J. Henry

Carl J. Henry joins Montfort with a decade of sales, marketing, and strategic growth experience in Web3 and emerging tech. Recently instrumental in a major health tech acquisition, Carl now spearheads our Nordic market initiatives, focusing on Sweden as our startup scout.

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Research Analyst

Andre Zou

As a research analyst, Andre coordinates with Montfort’s data team to turn complex data into actionable insights. Leveraging previous experience in VC sourcing and due diligence, he helps founders analyze key competitors and identify strategic investors with a high thesis fit. Andre graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. in Economics and a B.A. in Biology.

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Fundraising Associate

Celia Holubar

Celia Holubar is a startup fundraising associate at Montfort Ventures and will work directly with our startup founders in securing early-stage capital. Celia is based in New York and an alum of Virginia Tech University. Previously, Celia worked as a technical recruiter for Google.

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Competitive Intelligence Agent

Murphy Edson

Murphy Edson is an Executive Protection Agent who provides close protection and security for dignitaries, celebrities, and high-net-worth individuals. At Montfort Ventures, he works as a Competitive Intelligence Agent who conducts research on market trends and competitor activities. Previously, Murphy served four years as a U.S. Navy Corpsman, providing combat medical expertise and leadership for Sailors and Marines. He was awarded the title ‘Sailor of the Year’ in 2019.

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Investor Relations Associate

Haley Brown

Haley Brown is an investor relations associate at Montfort Ventures and will drive the growth of our investor relations focusing on early-stage VCs, Family Offices, and Angel Syndicates. Halet is based in San Diego and is an alum of Boston College. Previously, Haley worked as a finance associate at Brain Capital.

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Data Specialist

Yaroslav S.

Yaroslav is a skilled Data Miner with a specialisation in sourcing investor data for the Investor Relations team. With extensive expertise in data scraping, data mining, data transfers, and the analysis of large data sets, John plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our team has access to accurate and comprehensive data. His technical proficiency and keen understanding of complex data structures enable him to extract valuable insights, driving informed decision-making and strategic planning for our clients.

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AI Engineer

Gedeon Baende

Gedeon joins us as our inaugural AI Engineer and will be spearheading the creation of Montfort Venture's internal language models to pinpoint strategic investors for our clients. With a background in the Global Banking and Markets division at Goldman Sachs, Gedeon has honed his skills in implementing cutting-edge software solutions for financial advisory teams. A rising senior on the path to a Bachelor's degree in integrated Engineering from the University of San Diego, Gedeon brings a dynamic blend of expertise and innovation to our team.

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Montfort Investor Relations Assistant

Speed up your raise with MIRA AI

Montfort Venture’s proprietary Private Language Model (PLM), in partnership with // AI LLM Direct Access to ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, Llama, Perplexity stored on a secure memory and model // MIRA AI is an integral part of our Investor Relations team, helping us identify strategic investors for our clients by analyzing large public and proprietary investor data sets.

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