Growth Advisors

Our Growth Advisors play an integral in providing feedback and facilitating introductions to their networks for qualified advisory clients. Growth Advisor’s (GA’s) are not “Pay to Play”, but are there to provide critical feedback on the founder’s go to market strategy and problem statement. If you’re a great startup, why wouldn’t they introduce you to their network from there?

Growth Advisor

Amon Neequaye

Amon brings a wealth of expertise in UX research and strategy, honed through roles at industry leaders like Roku, Meta, and Google. His mission is to bridge the gap between founders and investors, aiding startups in sharpening their product-market alignment and effectively conveying their vision to potential partners and investors. With his background as an angel investor, Amon expertly aligns startups with investor expectations, ensuring each client’s story captivates investors.

Growth Advisor

Jacob Hart

Jacob Hart is an accomplished engineer with over ten years of experience in aerospace, defense, and biotech, making significant strides in autonomous drone technology and manufacturing standards, including IPC and Mil-spec. His proficiency in CAD modeling, C++, and end-to-end engineering oversight has made him a trusted advisor to Montfort Ventures’ dual-use founders. Jacob currently works as a Full Aircraft System Integration Engineer Level III supporting both air vehicles and ground control station departments.

Growth Advisor

Aun Hussain

Aun Hussain joins Montfort Ventures as "a new Growth Advisor, with a notable tenure as GM and PM across Alexa, Prime, an Amazon subsidiary" and Founder and Principal Consultant at Innovation Consultants. He specializes in disruptive innovation", strategic product development, and market dynamics, equipping founders with the tools to scale their startups. Aun blends startup agility with corporate strategic planning, focusing on customer-centric development and leveraging his technical background and network to help founders accelerate growth and achieve sustainable success.

Growth Advisor

Nicholas Licouris

Nichola Licouris, with his rich financial background as a Certified Financial Planner and Account Executive at Trimarc Financial, Inc., now serves as an Investment Advisor at Gerber Kawasaki. His strategic advice and insights are crucial for our founders, making him a key asset for our growth and success.

Growth Advisor

Amina Bensaid

Amina Bensaid combines extensive startup expertise with roles like Entrepreneur Consultant at INSKIP and Venture Capital Analyst at Shapr. As Funden's Head of Operations & VC Fundraising and founder of NEW WORLD STUDIO, she excels in leading startups from ideation to market fit. Her strategic guidance is vital for our success.

Growth Advisor

Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore, with his roles as Head of Corporate Development and International (fractional) and board advisor, offers strategic expertise in global business development. As a venture partner at Recap Health Ventures and a seasoned angel investor, his guidance is crucial for startups aiming for international growth and success.