Services aux Français

Nurturing a community of French American startups

Are you a French startup looking to raise in the United States?

Personalized Mentorship

Mentor Program

We understanding how daunting the fundraising process in the US can be for European startups. Our French-American VC advisors help founders bridge these differences and raise efficiently

Custom Consulting

EU Specific Strategy Plans

We tailor our fundraising strategy plans to best position European founders to the US market. Our strategy revolves around adapting a EU raise framework to entice a US audience

Supporting Our Community

Customized Support

We understand that each startup is unique and deserves a tailored approach. Our team of French-American fundraising experts is dedicated to providing you with customized support to maximize your chances of success with American investors.

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Pitch Deck Optimization

A well-crafted pitch deck can make all the difference when seeking funding. Our team will help you refine your pitch deck, ensuring it effectively communicates your vision, business model, and potential to American investors. We'll make sure your deck stands out and captures their attention.

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Cultural and Language Assistance

Breaking into the American market can be challenging due to cultural and language differences.

Our bilingual team will assist you in adapting your business communication and strategies to better resonate with American investors. We'll help you navigate these differences and present your startup in the best possible light.

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