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A dedicated team of fundraising consultants and VC advisors

We believe the founder must be front and center, for the simple reason that this is what top tier VCs expect.  So we remain behind the curtain – like a board advisor– to help you prep smarter and target better.

Team Members

Meet our fundraising team


Yannis Moore

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VC Advisor

William Smith

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VC Advisor

Liam Harris

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James Miller

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Our Numbers

Fundraising in Numbers

$2.8 Million

Median US Seed deal size in 2022*

$10.5 Million

Average Seed pre money valuation

6+ Months

Average Seed - Series A fundraising timeline


Average VC deal acceptance rate

About Us

What We Do

You have the talent and vision. Our job is to extract your best and help you communicate it clearly and convincingly. We will question and challenge you until together we create that rare pearl which investors simply cannot ignore.

Montfort Ventures empowers founders to laser-point their thinking, energize their pitch collaterals to stand above the crowd, and better target outreach to raise capital faster. Investors will judge you based on your ability to communicate your vision and differentiation clearly and succinctly.  We can help you increase the odds of making this connection happen.

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Our Mission Image - Mobify Webflow Template
Our Mission Image - Mobify Webflow Template
Our Services

The values that drive our company


We help differentiate your product to investors and showcase your innovation in creative new ways.


We work in tandem with founders to present striking differentiation.


We encourage all of our team members to contribute to the creative process with our clients, to ensure we deliver material that amazes


We understand fundraising is mission critical, and the material you present investors should reflect this seriousness


Timelines are important during a raise. We ensure we execute on all deliverables on the targeted date. We hit deadlines. Period.


Our team spans the globe, bringing together the culture and insights from around the world. We understand how to adapt the European mindset to the US market.



Do you guarantee funding?

We cannot force investors to be interested in your deal. What we can guarantee is to support you diligently through every step of the fundraising process.

What is your pricing model?

We offer an hourly pricing model of $95 / hour. This includes access to our entire team of fundraising consultants, VC advisors and agency creatives. We offer pre purchased hours of 40 hours for $3,000 ($75 / hour) or 120 hours for $7,800 ($65 / hour)

Why don't you advertise warm introductions to VCs?

A warm connection has the highest rate of success. This strategy only works on a hyper targeted level, and does not scale. We will socialize your deck to our VC network and will only make a connection if the VC shows interest.

How are you different from other fundraising services?

Flexibility and transparency is key to the fundraising process. To ensure this, our consulting hours are redeemed on an as needed basis, with an hourly breakdown for each deliverable prior to engagement. We do not have monthly commitments, annual subscriptions, or large upfront fees like other fundraising platforms. Unlike brokers, we do not take a commission of your raise or take equity in your startup.