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Fundraising in Numbers

$2.8 Million

Median US Seed deal size in 2022*

$10.5 Million

Average Seed pre money valuation

6+ Months

Average Seed - Series A fundraising timeline


Average VC deal acceptance rate

about us

What We Do

Finding aligned investors to see the value in your idea can be a challenge. You might try to source funds yourself - only to realize how time consuming fundraising can be.

That’s why Montfort Ventures is here to gently guide you through the best path to efficient fundraising.

We take you through the process with our highly experienced advisors and get you on the path to profitability.

our process

With you every step of the process


Project Overview

Our process starts with understanding founder's fundraising pain points, and formulating a strategy & set deliverables to ensure a successful raise


VC Advisor Feedback

One of our first steps is reviewing your current pitch deck. Our VC Advisors help provide actionable feedback on your problem / solution & business model. We then send founders a slide by slide pitch deck review


Design & Storytelling

Once content changes are made, your pitch deck is sent to our creative agency team to ensure your material stand out to investors


Fundraising Outreach

We help curate a list of strategic investors active  in your vertical. We source data from reputable research firms such as Pitchbook to ensure top quality. We then help founders connect to these investors and facilitate as many meetings as possible


Ongoing Campaign Advising

Our advisors help provide founders ongoing fundraising support, from investor relations to term sheet reviews. We are here to ensure founders fundraise more efficiently

Our Services

Targeted Fundraising Strategy Plans

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Investment Material

We help create all VC facing material, from pitch decks and  valuations to data rooms and term sheets

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Investor Curation

We source data from top research firms and personal networks to help find you the right  investors

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Fundraising Outreach

We support every step of the outreach process, ensuring founders stay on top of their raise

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Ongoing Advising

Our team is dedicated to helping improve your traction by providing ongoing campaign support


Invest in your idea

Startup Toolkit
1250 USD
One time
Light Advisory Retainer
$210/hour, 5 hours a month.
Fundraising Advisory Retainer
$125/hour, 40 hour minimum

Frequently asked questions

Do you guarantee funding?

We cannot force investors to be interested in your deal. What we can guarantee is to support you diligently through every step of the fundraising process. We help connect you with as many qualified warm investors as possible to increase the chances of closing your round.

What is your pricing model?

We offer three options for founders: Our DIY Startup Toolkit costs $1250 one time (no reoccurring charges). On the Advisory side, we offer our Advisory Light for $1,050 / month for 5 hours of consultation or our Advisory retainer for $5,000 per 40 hour block ($125/hour). Hours are redeemed as needed.

Why doesn't Montfort Ventures take commission on the raise?

Unlike many agencies, we do not take any equity or a percentage cut (commission) of the raise. We do this in order to provide genuine, quality deal flow and build a stronger relationship with our VC partners (who typically shy away from working with brokers).

Why don't you advertise warm introductions to VCs?

A warm connection has the highest rate of success. This strategy only works on a hyper targeted level, and does not scale. We will network your deck to our VC network and will only make a connection if the VC shows interest. We use our network of Growth Advisors to further network your deal with individuals we have identified as a thesis fit.

How are you different from other fundraising services?

Flexibility and transparency is key to the fundraising process. To ensure this, our advisory hours are redeemed on an as needed basis, with an hourly breakdown for each deliverable prior to engagement. We do not have monthly commitments, annual subscriptions, or large upfront fees like other fundraising platforms. Unlike brokers, we do not take a commission of your raise or take equity in your startup. This means we don't monetize our investor relations!